Portfolio Mr William

“I’m obsessed with symbols.
My work is an extension of that obsession.”
Mr. William

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I still remember the happiness I felt when drawing and painting as a child. I was completely free to create a world of my own full of mysterious, fantastic, and glamorous characters and places like the ones I saw in comic books or my mom’s fashion magazines. Every time I face a blank paper, I try to relive that feeling of creating without rules, uninhibited and immersed in fantasy.

As an adult, many obstacles sometimes prevent me from entering that state of creative freedom. I constantly fight against those obstacles. It is hard to stop thinking about responsibilities, accounts payable, or how quickly time passes. 

Every step that I have taken since the beginning of my career has been with the firm intention of experimenting with the language of shapes and their symbols, exploring the universe of fashion and glamour, searching for a voice of my own that connects me with those warm and happy memories from childhood.

My goal in creating is to stop thinking rationally. I want the unconscious to take control and allow me to connect with all those emotions that drive me to create my art. I can feel when that happens. Everything makes sense in that sea of images that overflow my mind. The meaning appears once the storm passes and everything returns to calm. 

I love to surround myself with images and objects that arouse my interest. The Rococo style inspires me. The cubism of Picasso and Juan Gris. The Art Deco of Tamara de Lempicka. Drinking a delicious Earl Gray from an antique teacup. The 1950s design and the marvelous illustrations by UPA. I enjoy looking at the illustrations by Erté, George Barbier, or René Gruau so much. Giorgio de Chirico, Kay Sage, René Magritte and Wonder Woman. Everything that amazes me is in my work.